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Interactive Touch Display Screens

Our new range of 65″ and 75″ touch display screens are the best and most affordable on the market in Ireland. Our Newline touch screens have set a new standard for education, collaboration and virtual conferencing. Let the versatile 4K UHD interactive screen bring more collaboration and engagement to your classroom. Use the digital whiteboard, your favourite software and share content in a single touch, with a 20% discount for the education sector.

Our Newline RS+ range brings efficiency to your classes and teams so you can interact easily anytime. With a lightweight slim frame design, Windows system and built-in OS support, embedded tools and a personalised user interface. It Includes the latest Android 8 operating system and a live visual selector for ease of operation which is incredible at this price point. It is the perfect solution for seamless collaboration at school or in the office.

We are offering a bundle of our 65″ and 75″ screens with a soundbar and 4K camera. If you need your screen to be portable or height adjustable, we supply the recommended stands, too. Speak to an expert now for an estimate, or visit our showroom in Dublin.

Interactive Screens for Schools

The Newline RS+ Series

RS+ Series Interactive Display - Ideal for Schools

A versatile 4K UHD interactive display brings more collaboration and student engagement to your classroom. Turn the display into a digital whiteboard and use your favourite software, all with a single touch. The RS+ Series works in your world and lets you interact in your way.

ATLAS Interactive Screen

Designed for classrooms, the Newline ATLAS integrates essential teaching tools and wireless casting capabilities to encourage students to participate, interact with each other and learn proactively. ATLAS helps students collaborate in teams, brainstorm their ideas and develop solutions. It brings the STEM revolution to classrooms and inspires students to work together with the help of team-focused collaborative tools.

MIRA Series Interactive Display - Ideal for Schools

MIRA has it all! Being Newline’s most versatile display, this solution will fulfil nearly every need in the corporate workspace and education sector. Suitable for meeting rooms, huddle spaces, lecture halls, classrooms and offices, MIRA is a proven successful solution. The integrated interactive ecosystem tools secure wireless presentation and collaboration, and the flexibility of MIRA makes this interactive display the ultimate solution for your workplace or classroom!

Interactive Screens for Business & Industry

NAOS IP Series Interactive Screen

Unmatched powerful PCAP with enterprise-level security. Immerse yourself in outstanding interactivity collaboration for any workspace, from huddle rooms to large meeting rooms. Newline NAOS IP brings you more effective collaboration with stronger network security. Get right to work with an operating system designed to keep your data secure, while providing your team all the tools they need to work.

Newline Flex Interactive Display

The Newline Flex is a versatile all-in-one touch monitor that is the next generation in desktop collaboration. Use the Newline FLEX to eliminate desk clutter from cables to peripheral devices, by plugging into your laptop and getting to work. Increase productivity, join video calls and host collaboration sessions with the Newline FLEX.

Power up your screen with an integrated PC

Newline Chromebox A10

Turn your interactive display into a giant Chrome OS computer with the Newline Chromebox A10. You’ll have the full power of Google at your fingertips, allowing you to connect your learning environment to everything great Google has to offer. Connect to Google Play and download thousands of apps. Google’s suite of apps, such as Google Classroom and Slides, all come pre-loaded, too, along with the Google Chrome browser. Everything you can do on a Chromebook, you can now do right on your interactive display.


The power of Windows… seamlessly integrated into your interactive display. This integrated PC is powered by Intel processors and brings you all the power of a desktop computer, built right into a display of your choice. Annotating images, utilising the whiteboard application and more, have never been easier without needing to download software to any of your own devices. Keep those programs on your OPS PC and have them available for anyone to use.


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