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Free up cash flow with a tax deductible lease. We are offering money back for your old photocopiers to upgrade your printing fleet. Leasing a copier is an excellent way for small businesses to have a cost-effective affordable repayments, you can enjoy the benefits of new office photocopier without an expensive outlay.

Lease your new Photocopier from just 14 Euros per week . Installation included. Our service agreement can be put in place to maintain your equipment and keep your in toner supplies.

Companies offer many different types of lease contracts, making it tricky to know which one to choose. Finance can be approved in a matter of hours on your new machine. We provide an installation service and removal of old devices plus cash back on your used photocopier.

All Office Equipment are offering money with a new lease on photocopier brands such as Ricoh, Develop Ineo, Epson and HP.  Contact us if you have any questions regards leasing the equipment you need for your business. Not sure about the difference between Leasing and Hire Purchase? see this link for more info.

Main benefits of our finance packages are:

Finance Lease

Leasing differs from photocopier hire in the length of the contract. In many instances, you can find leases with terms for up to five years, giving you stability during this period.


Hire Purchase

Hire purchase allows you to pay a sum on the office photocopier and then pay off the balance (and interest) for several months or years.

Fair Market Value

In a fair market value lease, you have the option of buying the machine outright at the end of the lease period for a fair market value.

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Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals often make sense for small businesses that are in flux and need to adapt quickly. You can sign up for photocopier rentals that last for several days, which is perfect if you don’t always need one on hand.

However, be aware that short-term photocopier rental will cost you more in the long-term than other payment options. Make sure to read your rental agreement beforehand to make sure you’re getting the best option for your needs.

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