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Photocopier Relocation Service

Whether you’re moving or carrying out an office fit-out out, our photocopier relocation service can help. Our team have extensive experience in relocating sensitive equipment like photocopiers, printers, plotters, and all other types of office equipment.

Our team will arrive to disconnect your devices and safely pack them up to help avoid any damage during the transport process. Once packaged up we will move them from their current locations and load them up onto one of our dedicated moving trucks to bring them to the new location.

Once the equipment arrives at the new site, our experienced team will carefully unload all your equipment, move and install them in their new locations. For example, when the photocopiers are relocated, we will carry out a full system test to ensure that they operate as expected and have not been damaged during transport. The team will then connect the equipment to the new office network meaning your team is ready to start printing and copying in the same way as they did at your previous location.

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